Nugg Lip Mask Review

I spotted Nugg Lip Mask in Selfridges when I was last in London and I couldn't resist picking it up.  It comes in a cute little gold ball which kinda reminds me of the Harry Potter Quidditch Golden Snitch ball. It is an all natural lip mask that hydrates and softens lips.  You apply a generous layer of the product to your lips and leave on for 20 minutes to let it sink in, then gently remove any product that remains.  You can use it any time, as often as you like.  I prefer to use it on a night, once or twice a week but depending on how dry your lips are you may want to use it more.
The ingredients are all natural - Shea Butter, Coconut Oil (both ingredients hydrate and soften lips), Liquorice Root Complex (helps naturally enhance lips) & Irish Moss Extract (conditions lips).  The product is all natural and vegan and there are no petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances or colours.
Nugg Lip Mask costs £10 for 7g.  My pot seems to have lasted ages even if you apply it genero…

Space NK The AW17 Collection Goody Bag

I have been waiting for a decent GWP goody bag from one of the online beauty stores for a while now.  I keep items in my basket online until one pops up and then I can make a large purchase alongside getting the GWP which is worth a decent amount.  Recently Space NK had an offer if you purchased £175 worth of products or more you got The AW17 Collection worth over £280.  I know that £175 is a lot of money but I haven't made a big purchase in a while so that I save my purchases for when these offers come along as it's a great way to try out products that you wouldn't normally buy.  I also purchased it with my sister so I'm only paying half which makes it more palatable.
The AW17 Collection  is a collaboration with fashion designer Giles Deacon which includes 22 Space NK favourites which includes 2 full size products.  There is also a really nice make up bag included which Giles Deacon has worked with Bags of Ethics to design.  It was made in an ethical and environmentall…

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Coconut Hair Products

When I saw Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Coconut Hair Products in Boots, I had to buy some of them as I love coconut products.  Added to the fact that they were half price in Boots, I also used my advantage card points to get a couple of the products free so only ended up spending £8 for 4 products in total. I bought the CoCo LoCo Hairspray which is a fine spray that holds my hair in place without any stiffness or crispy curls.  It also has a light coconut fragrance that is very nice, especially for a hairspray.  It works well on the fine flyaway hairs on your hairline.  It's £5.99 for 250ml.
I haven't used a hair mousse for ages as usually they leave my curls sticky and crunchy which is not a great look.  The CoCo LoCo CoConut Mousse does not do that.  It's a lightweight mousse that helps keep my curls frizz free and soft.  This product also has a light coconut fragrance.  It's £5.99 for 200ml.
The CoCo LoCo CoConut Spritz helps to moisturise and detangle my curls and it's …

Absolute Collagen Daily Dose of Beauty Oral Liquid Supplement

I was recently sent Absolute Collagen Daily Dose of Beauty Oral Liquid Supplement* to try out.  Absolute Collagen is a new British Brand and the Daily Dose of Beauty is an anti-ageing, high grade marine collagen oral liquid supplement which you can take directly from the sachet or alternatively mix into a drink.  It helps to fight the visible signs of ageing and supports skin, nails, hair and joints. Each daily 10ml liquid supplement contains the highest concentrated dose of premium peptan f2000 hydrolysed marine collagen 8,000mg (8grams) of collagen.  It is also infused with vitamin C.  As it is a liquid it is absorbed better into the bloodstream than tablet form and contains no fillers, binders or plastic coatings.  This does contain fish collagen which is absorbed at a higher level into the bloodstream and circulated throughout the body more easily than other types of collagen. By the age of 40 we have lost around a third of our natural collagen which causes our skin to start to wrin…

EVERPRO beauty ZERO Grey Temporary Root Concealer and Root Touch-Up Magnetic Powder

I was recently sent the EVERPRO beauty ZERO Grey Temporary Root Concealer* and Root Touch-Up Magnetic Powder* to try out.  I have dark brown hair so I chose the Black/Dark Brown Version. EVERPRO beauty ZERO Grey Temporary Root Concealer is very similar to most root sprays on the market and was a good colour match for my hair.  It was simple to use just spray on to dry hair on areas to be covered.  This instantly covered my grey and dried fairly quickly.  I did notice that I managed get a stain on one of my ears and also my scalp was stained as well but it washed off my ear easily and wasn't too noticeable on my scalp.  The colour matched my hair really well so it is something I would use when I'm feeling too lazy to colour my hair.
I was most interested in the EVERPRO beauty Zero Grey Root Touch-Up Magnetic Powder as I haven't used a product like this before.  The packaging is very sleek and looks more like a makeup product.  You open the top to reveal what looks like an eye…

Primark Eau De Parfum Private Collection

When I was browsing in Primark recently, I noticed a stand with perfumes, hand washes and hand creams that had a bit of a Jo Malone vibe about it.  I instantly started spraying the perfumes and realised it was more than just a vibe, some of the perfumes are dupes for actual Jo Malone perfumes.  The Eau De Parfum comes in 20ml sprays for £3 and 100ml sprays for £8.  For these bargainous prices I bought 5 of the 20ml sprays to try out and I am really happy that I did.  Here's what I bought: The outer packaging is very sleek and definitely makes the perfumes look more expensive than they are.  I like the fact that the 20ml perfumes come in spray form, rather than roll-on and for £3 you can afford to pick up all of the fragrances to try out.  There was one fragrance that I didn't purchase on the day which had vanilla in the title, but I might pick that one up next time I go to Primark. Pomegranate & Black Tea - this is very similar to Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir (which I own).

Empties August 2017

Here are the products that I have managed to finish in the last few months.  You can read my last empties post here.
Phyto Phytolisse Perfecting Smoothing Shampoo - didn't do much for my curly hair. Elemis Frangipani Monoi Bath & Shower Nectar - this was nice and I would buy it again if there is another QVC TSV. Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray - It's quite expensive for a face mist, but I love moisture surge products so I would probably buy this again as it left my face feeling hydrated. Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner - I love Shea Moisture products as they are great for my curly hair.  I wrote a review of this product here. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads - Didn't have any noticeable effect on my skin. Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice Velvet Body Veil - I love the perfume, so I would happily get this again if it came in a set. Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Face Mask Sheet - As nice as any other sheet mask…