Glossier Pop-Up Store London Haul

I was so happy when I found out that Glossier were opening a pop-up store in London from 15th - 22nd November 2017, as I was going to be in London on 16th November, so I knew I had to drop buy and check it out.  I have already purchased some products from the Glossier website which you can read about here. The pop-up store is at 32 Portland Place, Marylebone, London W1B 1NA, which is within walking distance from Oxford Street where it meets Regent Street.  We walked past the BBC Headquarters confident that we knew where we were going and kept seeing people walking past us with Glossier bags so we knew we were close to the store.  It was only when I looked at the numbers on the houses as we walked by that I realised we had walked right past the store as we had walked right up to No.60.  We quickly turned around an headed back the way we came and found the store (not sure how we missed it the first time to be honest). We walked in and were welcomed by a staff member (they were all dressed…

Money Saving Tips - No1 Asda

It's that time of year again when money just seems to fly out of your hands (or is that just me), there are so many nice things in the shops, and it's as tempting to buy them for yourself as it is to buy them for presents (honestly I end up buying them for myself more often then not).
I thought I would let you know about a great money saving tip which could save you a few pennies (sometimes a few pounds).  If you shop at Asda (either online or in store) they have an Asda Price Guarantee which means if your shop is not 10% cheaper then Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s or Waitrose, they will give you a money off voucher for the difference.   If you currently shop online then the day after you have had your shop delivered (or picked it up) you can check online by signing on here and just pick the date of your last order (you can check your last 3 orders) and it will automatically tell you if your shop was 10% cheaper or not.  If it’s not you get the difference loaded onto your onlin…

Mega Primark Haul - Part 2

Here's Part 2 of my Mega Primark Haul.  You can find part 1 here.

First off I got this Bath Ball for £1.  I haven't used one like this before so thought I would give it a go.  The Exfoliating Mitt was only £1.50. The next lot were bits and bobs that I just fancied trying out to see if they are any good.  T-Zone Skincare Spot Zapping Gel for 90p.  Perfect Glow Primer was reduced from £3 to £1.  Brow Fixing Gel was 50p reduced from £1. Finally the Micellar Cleansing Pads were £2. I got Rose Relaxing Shower Jelly for £2.50 which looks like something you could get from Lush so I wanted to give it a try.  I also got 3 Lip Jellys in the flavours Coconut, Chocolate Orange and Caramel.  These were only £1 each. This next set of items were just random things I saw and wanted to try out. Spill Proof Clips for painting your nails were only £1.  The Fan Highlighter Brush was £2 and the Deep Cleansing Blueberry Bubble Mask was only 80p. I couldn't resist these ear rings which were only £2 e…

Mega Primark Haul - Part 1

This is a mega Primark Haul.  I should point out that I didn't buy this all in one go, there's no way that I would have been able to manage the shopping bags.  The reason that I have been shopping at Primark so much lately, is that I have just started working in the city centre again after quite a few years of working just out of town, so I tend to spend my lunch breaks browsing the shops and this is the result.  I have to say that Primark has some great stuff in store at the moment and they have such a fast turnaround, that there is always something new in store.  I think that's why I always buy things when I see them, as I know they will not be there next time I go.  Anyway, you might want to grab a coffee or a cup of tea because this might take a while.
First of all I have bought quite a few Disney related products, because I love Disney and the prices in Primark are so much cheaper than in the Disney parks.  I bought 3 Disney purses which were only £4 a piece.  I especi…

My First Glossier Haul

What can I say, I couldn't help jumping on the bandwagon when a brand I had heard so many good things about started selling in the UK.  I thought the Glossier website would be chaos on the first morning, so I didn't order until the next day. I must admit I expected there to be problems with either products being out of stock, the system going slow or the dreaded error message just as you get to the end of the payment page, but none of that happened.  It was a great experience from start to finish. 
I hadn't looked into what Glossier products I was going to buy before going to the website, I browsed around and chucked things in my basket (metaphorically speaking).  I got a bit too excited and had to reduce it somewhat when I came to checkout, as I had a few too many products in the basket.  Here's what I bought:
I ended up buying 1 of the box sets as I wanted to try out the products, so it made sense to buy the set and save some money.  I got: Phase 1 Set for £35 (saving …

Candles Sniffs & Gifts Candle Warmer and Aldi Candles

I used to collect candles when I was younger, but I never burned any of them because I was so scared of burning the house down, so eventually I got rid of all my candles and moved on.  Recently, I have become obsessed with candles again, probably after finding a Facebook page called Bath and Body Works Fans UK.Everyone on this page raves about B&BW candles, so my interest in candles started to pique again.  I was still concerned about accidental fires, but then people on this page mentioned candle warmers and how they wouldn't go back to burning candles after using a candle warmer, so I though I would give one a try. There were lots of recommendations for Candles Sniffs & Gifts, so I ordered one from there.  I bought the Silver Electric Candle Warmer Lantern Lamp for £22.99 plus £3.99 shipping.  Candle Warmers allow you to use candles without having to light the wick.  The candle warmer comes with a 35 watt halogen bulb and you simply plug it in and put the candle in the mi…

Halloween Special - Baileys Pumpkin Spice Limited Edition Flavour

Is it just me or is Halloween becoming a really big thing over in the UK these days?  Don't get me wrong, back in the day I used to dress up and go trick or treating, but our costumes were handmade.  Now all you need to do is walk into the nearest supermarket or Primark and you can buy a ready made costume and loads of Halloween goodies.  We are almost as crazy about Halloween as our American cousins and I love it. I'm pretty sure that you didn't used to be able to buy pumpkins in supermarkets, ready for the big day (I don't even know what pumpkins taste like).  In fact I might be showing my age here, but we used to carve out turnips when we were kids as that's the only thing we could buy.  I love the fact that people now decorate the outside of their houses for Halloween.  It's like a signal to the trick or treaters that you have candy waiting for them.
The reason for my post is that I recently came across Baileys Pumpkin Spice Limited Edition Flavour.  I love B…